"Imagine your Facebook business page: Step-by-Step setup In 57 minutes
or less..."

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This 27 Page eGuide is annotated and contains step-by-step instructions, showing you exactly, from start to finish how to construct your Business Page correctly.

Follow the guide and your Facebook Business Page should be setup correctly in under 57 minutes. I know this because I’ve tested my procedures many times & I get similar results every time.

In this guide you will receive:

  • The Time Saver Business Page Worksheet. Stops you bouncing between tasks and keeps you organized.
  • The Business Page Keyword Sweet Spot for Search Engines. Tune your business page for increased traffic.
  • Personal Facebook Account Linkage method. Making sure your viewers get to your page directly or indirectly.
  • Cover Photo Template Sizing & Design. No more fussing around with trial and error. Saves you time.
  • Page Naming techniques. Tune your business page so your business page ends up in customer view.
  • And lots more…

Gary Hyman Coach

Online business, marketing and technical  results expert Gary Hyman walks you through this guide and literally shows you exactly what it takes to get the your Facebook Business Page setup correctly so you can build a truly effective online and social media environment for your business. 



What others are saying

The absolute truth: You need to be your own judge. I can produce testimonial after testimonial, if you really want them, but that’s the opinion of others and not you.

YOU need judge if the guide is right for you.  Keep in mind you have nothing to lose…

…and so much to gain. 

In the meantime, this single testimonial is indicative of what others are saying about the guide. 

Thanks again for all your insight!

kerri,iller“Gary Thanks for the fan page step by step resource! It was helpful at identifying a few things I had not done when I originally set up my page (like the SEO stuff of making sure my web url was everywhere and changing my page name to include my keywords). Thanks again for all your insight!”

– Kerri Miller, Finishing Touches



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