How To Write Great Content That Makes Your Blog Stand Out

Blog Content For Your Brand

Writing blogs is one of the best ways to improve your online brand identity. Also if you want to be a successful blogger, you have to write compelling and engaging content consistently. You have to come up with an interesting topic and take lots of other steps to make sure you are writing the best possible blog post that stands out from the other similar content online.

Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers. Brian Clark [Click To Tweet This icon_twitter_circle_small ]

Why should you care about great content?

There are 3 reasons to create top notch content for your blog:

  • Search engines want to reward high quality content.
  • Epic content builds your brand, improves authority and establishes trust.
  • Useful blog posts get high quality natural links and social shares.

Being an online marketer, blogging is essential to our career. But the process and technique of creating great content will vary from blogger to blogger because each blogger has their own style. But there are some blogging mistakes you should avoid:

  • Do not write only for SEO purpose
  • Do not focus on word count; let the content flow naturally.
  • Do not write generic blog posts.
  • Avoid complexity, make it simple.
  • Avoid using jargon.

However there are some basic criteria that might be worth keeping in mind when creating content.  Here are 5 steps to create content like a pro.

1. Understand Your Targeted Audience and Identify What They Want:

Narrow your niche! Before you start to write a blog post, you need to have a clear understanding of your targeted audience. Just ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • To whom are you writing your content?
  • What does your audience really want to know about?
  • What will make them happy?
  • What kinds of information you are providing them?
  • What makes your blog post worth reading for them?

Blog content branding - Know Your AudienceIf you get a clear answer for these questions, then you can go ahead; because it is your readers who will appreciate you for your great work, who will help to spread your word; not the search engines or any social media networks. So make sure that you win their heart. 




Your ultimate consumers are your users, not search engines. ~Google’s SEO Starter Guide [Click To Tweet This icon_twitter_circle_small]

No matter how interesting your content ideas are, if you can’t find a proper way to apply them to your readers, they have no motivation to read and share your content. So when creating content, you should write with the audience in your mind.

2. Pick an Interesting Topic:

Choose a great topic that will be helpful to many and people will be interested to read it. Don’t write about generic topics; write about what you know and the things you are really passionate about. Make your content an interesting stuff that your targeted audience really wants (and needs) to hear.

Pro Tip: Where to find Content Ideas?

  • Google Trends: My favorite tool to find content ideas is Google Trends. It allows anyone to see what the topics people are searching for.
  • Medium: Medium is another favorite tool to find content ideas. It is great platform where people write long-form blogs almost on every topic. Every month Medium puts a list of top 100 posts. You can also check out Editors Picks blog posts those are chosen as great content.
  • Topsy: I would like to mention another tool to get content ideas that is Topsy. Topsy is a real-time search engine that pulls links from Twitter to help you identify popular content and trending topics.

3. Write a Powerful Title:

Now the next thing is to select an eye-catching title that will grab the attention of the readers. Thing to keep in mind:

  • Make the title short, accurate and clear.
  • Make it for humans but don’t forget about SEO. Try to include targeted keywords wisely.

4. Organize Your Content Properly:

There are tons of different factors that go into ranking well, but the biggest is high-quality content. ~David Sinick [Click To Tweet This icon_twitter_circle_small]

Before you start writing a blog post, you need to outline your post and know which areas/points you want to cover, and the best order in which to do it. This is really important to organize your information in the content so that readers are not intimidated by the length of the content.

  • Organize your content with – Lists, sections, bullets, numbers, tips etc.
  • Use bold, italics, underlining and CAPITALS to highlight key points.

5. Add Visual Content:

A Picture is worth a thousand words! ~Frederick R. Barnard [Click To Tweet This icon_twitter_circle_small]

Visual content branding - Use visual contentReaders are pretty busy people! Most of the web users scan content and don’t actually read it word-for-word like a book. So make your content easy to scan.

If you want to turn your blog visitors into loyal readers, then you have make your content more interesting and engaging. Use attractive images, infographics etc to make your content more interesting.

“Images often allow us to explain, simplify, or expand concepts in ways that are very difficult to do (if even possible) with text—or even with spoken words. The result of picture-based visual communication is improved learning and recall.” – Resource:

Benefits of using visual content:

  • Visual content engages people.
  • There are lots of free tools available to create high quality images and infographics. Visual storytelling is not a costly.
  • Popular visual content sharing website BuzzFeed has gathered an audience of over 40 million monthly readers.
  • Visuals are processed many times faster in the brain than text.
  • Images receive 2x more likes than a text post on Facebook.
  • There is huge rise in popularity of infographics as shown in the Google Trends graph.

Pro Tip: Visual content Creation Tools

I will suggest you to use lots of screenshots in your blog post. It shows your expertise and makes your content more personalized and engaging. Use screenshot tools like Skitch and Clarify it.

3 free online image and visual content creation tools:

  • Pixlr  : for image editing.
  • ReciteThis : Turn a quote into a master piece.
  • Wordle : to create beautiful word clouds from provided text.

3 awesome tools to create infographics:

So what is your strategy for creating great content? 



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