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This Twitter Training will help you understand how to use Twitter For Business from a strategic, practical, and sensible perspective. 

The most current Twitter Marketing Strategies, Techniques, and Tools are used in this Twitter Training Course.

The objective of this course is to:

  • Remove the mystery from Twitter Marketing.
  • Help you understand how Marketing on Twitter can support your Business objective.
  • Show you how to use Twitter effectively and efficiently for Business.

The course is designed to be taught at your office, to your employees, using your business as a backdrop. 

The course is intensive, requires hands on, and the full participation of your employees for a half day.

The Instructor for this course is Gary Hyman. He is a public speaker, Social Media Strategist. and a Coach. He has helped companies with their Business, Technology and Marketing initiatives for 30+ years.

Your investment in the course is fixed at $1,500, regardless of the amount of employees who attend.


More information needed? Please contact me for details.

This Twitter Course is designed specifically for the Business Professional in mind. You will benefit from the course if you fall into any of these categories.

  • Business Owners, 
  • Sales Executives, 
  • Marketers, 
  • Social Media Managers, 
  • Administrative Assistants,
  • Social Media Strategists

Each of these roles are important in Twitter Marketing. Learn how to use Twitter and integrate it effectively and efficiently into your business.


Don’t see yourself on this list. Please contact me.

This Twitter course is designed to be taught on your site, to your employees, and customized for your business.

As long as you have a boardroom or office facilities than can accommodate five or more people and have an Internet connection we are good to go. 


Have specific requirements? Please contact me for details.

You can expect the following topics covered in this Twitter course:

  1. Twitter Overview.
  2. How to use and Market effectively using Twitter in your business.
  3. How to setup Twitter correctly.
  4. How to Generate Leads on Twitter.
  5. How to ‘Listen’ on Twitter so you can find customers, joint venture partners, and information to develop your next product.
  6. How to automate Twitter so you can find the time to attend to other meaningful business activities.
  7. How to promote your products and services on Twitter, using Twitters Advertising Tools.


More information needed? Please contact me for details.

This Twitter course is designed to be taught to a group of people in your company, and is based on a fixed cost. The course is hands on, intensive, and scheduled for 5 hours . The total cost of the course is $1,500, up to a maximum of 15 employees.


“Gary transformed my understanding of Twitter”

MSI recently sat under Gary Hyman’s tutelage while attending a Social Media Ventures summit. Using his own experience as lessons and providing an easy-to-understand methodology, Gary transformed my understanding of Twitter. His presentation was informative and enlightening; I found myself experiencing a number of “aha!” moments I might never have arrived upon had I continued along my own path. Quality content – well received and highly recommended – for those desiring to know the why’s rather than just the how’s of social media. Maura Sweeney, New Vision Entertainment.

If you are located in Toronto, I typically need at least 1 week lead time to schedule this course for your employees.


USA and other International locations please contact me for details.

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