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Twitter can be used strategically for your business, but you should pay attention to a few Twitter rules of engagement. Thanks Cheryl Lawson, the creator of the Twitter Infographic below, she shows a few of the important Twitter rules of engagement. Obviously, these rules are not cast in stone, but they do serve as an excellent guideline.

When you have finished reading these rules of engagement, take a closer look at the Local Twitter Marketing Guide. It will help you from a tactical perspective on how to use Twitter for Local Marketing purposes.


  • Setup your twitter account – Your photo, bio, any links that are strategic to you and your company.
  • Find people, be interested and join the conversation. Provide relevant and great content.
  • Start making connections – connections that make sense to accomplish your business objectives.
  • Share other peoples content by re-tweeting content of other people.
  • Be polite. Be friendly. Be helpful. 
  • Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself. If you’re not polite, friendly and helpful then Twitter may not be for you. Consider alternatives.
  • Share great information consistently. Give tips. Give advice.
  • Use tools like Google url shortner and Hootsuite to help sort out the Twitter confusion. Plus many others available.
  • Focus on quality not quantity. Don’t worry about the number of followers you get. Don’t fret over the followers you loose.
  • Follow back only if it make sense to your business and you.
  • Remind yourself about your business objective and strategy. Assess and make sure Twitter fits into it.
  • Find people and companies in your industry. Follow them and contribute to the conversation.
  • Respond when your name is mentioned – direct message or shared tweets. Say thank you. It’s polite.
  • Say hello and goodbye when you come online and go offline, just like you would when being face-to-face with someone.
  • Have a good balance of tweets and responses.
  • Use the 80/20 rule for promotion. 20% to promote yourself & 80% for others and other things.
  • Share your expertise. And become an expert.
  • Be sociable. Social Media – right?
  • If it makes sense to you and your business, tweet to different timezones while you’re asleep. Watch what you tweet though.
  • Try meet your online audience face-to-face.
  • Have professionals manage your social media. This is your face. Your brand. Don’t let an intern get you into trouble.
  • Remember that what you tweet remains in the Internet world. Be carefull before hitting the tweet button.
  • Pay it forward. Help others.
  • And remember to say thank you to Cheryl Lawson for producing an amazing Twitter Infographic.


Social Media Twitter-Tips Infographic StartSocial Media Twitter-Tips Infographic 4


One more thing, before you jump back your Twitter account please take a look at this Local Twitter guide. It will show you how to Target, Find and Engage you Local Twitter audience.  


 If you found this helpful and informative please share with your community. Both Cheryl and I would appreciate it. Links below:

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