Social Media Consultant For Business

If you’re looking for a Social Media Consultant to help develop a Social Media Strategy for your Business, I can help. A typical engagement will start with an extensive Social Media Audit and end by delivering a Social Media Strategy.

Your Social Media Strategy will be based on a 7 step process, which you can read more about at How To Develop A Social Media Strategy.

What We Will Do For You

Your Social Media Audit promises to be thorough, and will digs deep into specifics, that include the following:

Social Media Consultant For Business

What You Will Get From Us

When we’re done with the audit and strategy sessions, you can expect a robust, professionally developed  Social Media Strategy. I will leave something tangible for you to sink your teeth into (presentation, video, and a report).

Part of the deliverables will include the following:

  • Specific Social Media platform actions,
  • Specific Website/blog actions,
  • Marketing platform actions,
  • Technical platform actions,
  • A well though out social media strategy and implementation plan to include a posting and ‘listening’  strategy,
  • A social media implementation plan and roadmap, including time frames and required resources,
  • Success metrics to measure your Social Media success,
  • Recommended tools that you will need to execute your social media strategy,
  • An operational budget.

The strategic plan will be comprehensive and practical. It will provide the foundation for you to grow your online business.

Your Next Steps

1. Check  out the happiness and kudos.

2. Contact me by filling out the form below. I will walk you through the Social Media Strategy Consultation process, explaining the everything you need to know to get your Social Media Strategy heading in the right direction. I will also answer any lingering questions that you may have.



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