Branding Yourself|Personal Branding.

A strong authentic personal brand and unique selling proposition will attract your ideal client. Personal branding is not just logo’s, colors, and a well written LinkedIn profile. That’s just part of the equation.

Personal branding is all about making sure your vision and mission are woven into the fabric of everything you do within your company.

When your passions and purpose are totally aligned, your personal branding will echo with authenticity – a message your ideal audience wants to hear.

A great starting point is to read How To Find Your Unique Selling Proposition by Authentic Personal Branding.

When you are finished with that article, let me help you find your authentic personal brand.

I have created an extensive 16 lesson, video, audio and interactive worksheet online course. 

In short the course will help you:

  • Extract your passion, purpose, and skills
  • Intersect these 3 to form an ideal service offering – an offering that you truly enjoy
  • Validate that you have a receptive market for your offering
  • Position and package your product or service offering
  • Ready your offering for an Online and Social Media Strategy

Your Next Steps:

1. Check  out the happiness and kudos

2. Register for the “Do It Yourself” Online Personal Branding course





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