My Humble Story: How I was Led To Helping You With Your Online Business

For those of you who don’t have much time, here’s 50 thoughts that I feel best describe me.

• Methodical • Strategic • Intense • Curious • Ethical • Persistent • Serious • Detailed • Geeky • Movie lover • Explorer • Sensitive • Creative • Down to earth • Proper • Helpful • Consistent • Trustworthy • Forgiving • Genuine • Hard working • Stubborn • Courageous • Reliable • Driven • Testing • Solitude • Understanding • Even tempered • Sincere • Bossy • Sincere • Perfectionist • Kind • Animal lover • Confident • Quirky humour • Honest • Integrity• Entrepreneurial • Focused • Skilled • Trusting • Polite • Introverted • Analytical • Passive • Can do • Professional • Proactive

If you can spare a few more minutes, please take a look at the rest. It’ll round out those 50 thoughts, and give you a fuller picture of me – who I am and why I do what I do.

But, before you do, please help me, help you.

It’s All In The Coaching – Who I Am

Gary Hyman Social Media Content Strategies Profile PicBy now you probably know my name is Gary Hyman. If you don’t I’m glad you stopped by to find out a little more about me.

First and foremost, I’m a dad and a husband. If everything else fell away that’s all that matters to me – my family. Without them I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now.

I also happen to be a coffee addict and an avid technology freak. In my world, one definitely cannot exist without the other. The coffee helps keep me active on the technology front and the technology beckons the coffee.

Actually, I love technology, especially the research piece of it; And a well made cup of coffee is just like a good Pinot Noir. 

To date myself,  I started to notice the technical interest when I was in high school. I used to ‘bubble in’ punch cards just to test out responses that the computer systems would deliver to me.  I even went as far as ‘bubbling in’ conflicting information just to see if the system would break. I was kind of a curious troublemaker.  

Then one summer, before I went to College, I worked at a large Canadian Corporate Banking Data Centre. I was totally intrigued at the high security, computer equipment, and the notion that the ATM’s and teller systems were being controlled from this one location.

That was it! That was the launching pad that started me dreaming about my future in technology as a business.

Is A Dream Job Really The Dream Job?

Software Social Media Downtown TDTwoers

My dream job was to write software applications for large corporations – those that you typically find in the concrete and glass towers in a downtown core.

Oh my gosh! My dream could not have been further from what I did in actuality. It’s amazing, what one thinks and what happens are, at times, different ends of the spectrum.

Instead of working directly for a corporation, I took the entrepreneurial approach. I established own company and helped corporations with their technical needs. 

That gave me the flexibility and the type of contracts I wanted to pursue.

It worked great for awhile. Then I, at that time, packed my bags and decided to travel the globe with my girlfriend, who is now my beautiful wife. Keep in mind, this was when we were in our late 20’s – inexperienced and all. We’ve, by the way, known each other since 1984.

Different Cultures – Different Minds – The Accidental Dream

After skipping through many countries, we came back to North America, and I decided to follow my heart again (actually my wife’s 🙂 ) and ended up living and working in Asia for about 8 years. I kind of call this the accidental dream.

Our Asian experience produced an amazing son, our first million dollars in real money, and another adventure – traveling many more countries, and learning about different cultures. An experience I will never forget, which has molded me in terms of how I interact with people, my personal philosophies, and how I do business. Most of those philosophies can be extracted from my list of “50 thoughts that best describe me”, at the top of this screen.

The travels we did were really one of a kind. Unique! Special! A dream come true! If travel ever becomes a dream of yours, I would highly recommend to just go for it. Visiting the different cultures has opened up my mind, and is also the most humbling of experiences, especially if you mix work and travel.

The Kind Of Reverse Engineering

With that being said, others would probably describe me as: Slightly serious, with a quirky sense of humour, goal driven with a can-do attitude, professional, and exceptionally methodical in his approach to anything.

In fact, my wife would probably call me the “king of reverse engineers”. Sometimes the methodical approach takes away the spontaneity, but it’s my way of trying to control an outcome as much as possible. 

If I were to further add to this: I am definitely a person of high integrity, love finding solutions to issues, and totally enjoy breaking down complex things into more understandable terms. If someone had to ask me what I do best…

…hands down, it would be helping people wade through the complexities of technology and showing them how it works in their terms.

Why Helping You Matters

Personal Branding IntegirySomewhere along my journey I realized I was doing it all wrong. The saving grace however is that I realized it. Many don’t or just sweep it under the rug never to deal with it again.

When I hit a distinct cross road in my life, I had the option to carry on exactly what I was doing or choose a totally different path.

The big question I had to ask myself – “Do I keep what I have and still help corporations with their technical stuff, trade my time for money,  and come home emotionally empty?”  Besides, my skills were competing against every offshore scenario that came to mind. When I played out the scenarios attached to this everything looked exceptionally bleak.

Juncture point!

I decided to reinvent myself. I had no idea what I wanted, but I knew what I didn’t want.

You can imagine – tons of Internet searches, walking around in a daze, speaking to many people….

An Internet search led me to meet some of the greatest in unmotivational artistry.(affiliate link opens in new window), and have gone back there yearly. 

I’m not going to bore with the details, but I can clearly say “My inner game needed to be adjusted before deciding on the path I’m on now”.  

It’s like day and night. I actually wake up in the morning feeling great, knowing that I am contributing to to the lives of others and being rewarded at the same time.

I’m still on this new journey, which I believe will be continuously changing.

The big difference…

Before it was a job. Now I have purpose, enjoying what I’m doing, and able to help people recognize their ideas or dreams. Even though some say what I do is still ego-driven, I strongly believe by me helping others with what I do, it can have a tremendous ripple effect. The ripples have the ability to positively impact many other too. 

Think about it! If I’m able to help just one single entrepreneur, with my methods, bring their idea successfully into the online world, they will be in a position to have the same impact on somebody else. Ripples!

Which leads me to my next thought…

Imagine everyone doing what they enjoy doing and being rewarded for it too. I know an idealist point of view, but something to strive towards.

Exactly What Do You Do?

In short, I’m a coach. I coach people like you on “How to get your business idea online”. However, more than just being a coach, I show you how to get above the social media and online noise so you can recognize the reality of your idea or dream. 

I get you above all that social media noise, beyond the hype, and only show you the practicalities.

My objective is crystal clear. “Help Business Professionals get their business moving forward online in the quickest and best way possible for success. More specifically, A) Help you attract your ideal clients as quick as possible b) Help you create the online scenario that gives you the freedom to live your dream.

Much of my work is done through Lead Generation Workshop Training, Strategic Consulting Sessions, and Public Speaking.

I totally enjoy working with people like you. It’s a wonderful feeling to watch people going from “I’m totally confused” to “Ahh, that’s how it’s done”

Peel Away A Layer

Anyone who has built any sustainable businesses will understand the amount of work it takes to do so. The online world is no different.

To create a solid online sustainable business, you need to build a  solid foundation first. If you don’t have a solid foundation, the walls will start falling at the first sign of stress.

And I don’t do this alone. I have the backing of our Social Media Visionaries Team. Each of them has rich business, technology and marketing experience, plus a deep understanding of their assigned Social Media Network.

Then, because you asked me to focus on five distinct services, my focus is to try help you pull together:

  • your personal branding, unique selling propositions, marketing message
  • social media strategies
  • lead generation strategies
  • content marketing strategies
  • traffic generation strategies
  • search engine optimization strategies

The bottom line – services that help you get your foundation in place, and the strategies (6 items above) to support your business objective. Nothing more!. Nothing less!

These services are delivered through one-on-one and do-it-yourself coaching and training. 

And the greatest thing about this is that if you do everything according to The Plan you will see results. The plan is like a framework, and the framework:

  • helps you avoid distractions
  • helps you respond quickly to market changes

So, in a sense I have taken what I have done best over the last 25+ years –  i.e. technology, customer service, education, being an entrepreneur – spent countless hours (and money) educating myself, testing what works and what doesn’t, and developed systems and methodologies to help you make your business ideas an online reality. 

As I mentioned before, running a business is not easy to do so, but I truly believe my framework helps towards simplifying the entire process for you. 

There you have it – a brief look into my life and how I can help you.

Your Next StepBe Social

Don’t be shy! Reach out! Connect with me by clicking any of the Social Media links below.

If you’re located in the Toronto and Greater Toronto area I would be honoured to to take you to one of my favorite coffee lounges.

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You can even reach me by telephone or email. I would love to connect and talk with you.

Have an excellent day.

Gary Hyman.

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