"Finally a detailed guide, showing you how to target, find and engage your LOCAL customers on Twitter. Yours Free! (Valued at $30)..."


In this eGuide you will:

  • Learn how to access the ‘hidden’  advanced tool within Twitter so you to find your local target market easier and quicker
  • Learn the short cuts on exactly what to look for in tweets and profiles to locate someone local to your area. A major time saver
  • Learn a method to organize, file and keep track of local tweets even before your start ‘chatting’ with your potential customers This will stop you going insane by ‘blocking’ the noise on Twitter
  • Learn extremely effective methods to initiate a conversation with a local customer, without scaring them away
  • Learn how to use these 4 supplemental Twitter tools to find and engage customers in your local community
You’re in the right place, especially if…
  • You are overwhelmed with Twitter
  • You are spending too much time finding the right tools to target your exact market
  • Need to know what works well within your local market

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