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Advanced LinkedIn – Active Lead Generation

This LinkedIn Training Workshop is am Advanced course. It will take you through the essentials of using Advanced Lead Generation Techniques, using LinkedIn.

The most current LinkedIn “Active” Marketing Strategies, Techniques, and Tools are used in this LinkedIn Training Course. 

You will receive a course workbook.

The objective of this course is to:

  • Remove the mystery from LinkedIn “Active” Lead Generation and Marketing.
  • Help you understand how “Active” Marketing on LinkedIn can support your Business objective.
  • Show you various Advanced “Active” LinkedIn Lead Generation techniques for your business.
  • Show you how to use LinkedIn effectively and efficiently for Business,

The course is designed to be taught at our LinkedIn training and Workshop facilities in the Greater Toronto Area. Alternatively, it can be taught to a group of your employees at at your business location.

The course is intensive, requires hands on, and full participation for two half day sessions. Total instruction is approximately 10 hours. 

The Instructor for this course is Gary Hyman. He is a public speaker, Social Media Strategist. Workshop Trainer, and a Coach. He has helped companies with their Business, Technology and Marketing initiatives for 30+ years.

Your investment in the course is fixed at $547 USD (taxes included) per person.

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Advanced LinkedIn – Active Lead Generation

This LinkedIn Course is designed specifically for the Business Professional in mind, who have a focus in generating leads for their business. You will benefit from the course if you fall into any of these categories:

  • Business Owners,
  • CEO’s, VP’s and Executives,
  • Sales Executives and Marketers, 
  • B2B Consultants,
  • Inside and Outside Sales.

Each of these roles play an important part in LinkedIn Marketing. Learn how to use LinkedIn and integrate the “Passive” Lead Generation process effectively and efficiently into your business.


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Advanced LinkedIn – Active Lead Generation

This LinkedIn Workshop is designed to be taught at our training facilities, in the Greater Toronto Area, with a maximum class size of 20 people.

You can also have this LinkedIn Workshop taught at your office location. Please contact me for logistics, details, and pricing.


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Advanced LinkedIn – Active Lead Generation

You can expect the following topics covered in this LinkedIn course:

  1. LinkedIn Lead Generation “Passive” Recap.
  2. Active Lead Generation Overview.
  3. Using LinkedIn as a 1st level CRM.
  4. Staying top of mind with your 1st level.
  5. How to turn cold “viewed me” lead to warm “connected” lead. 
  6. What to automate. What not to automate. 
  7. Turning cold leads into warm prospects, using Advanced Search Techniques.
  8. The group engagement process.
  9. Staying top of mind with group prospects, using “selective automation”.
  10. Building your group and using it as a strategic lead generator.
  11. Moving the conversation offline.
  12. Constructing Pulse articles to generate leads.
  13. Generating leads with Targeted LinkedIn Advertising.


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Advanced LinkedIn – Active Lead Generation

This LinkedIn course is designed to be taught to a group of 20 people, and is based on a fixed cost per person. The course is hands on, intensive, and is taught over two, half day sessions. The total instruction time is about 10 hours. 

The course is hands on based, where you will be actively participating in building lead generation scenarios that pertain to your business environment. 

By the time you finish the course you will be in a position to use the knowledge to generate ongoing LinkedIn leads for your business. 

The cost includes a course workbook, and an instructor led LinkedIn Workshop. 

The total cost of the course is $547 USD (taxes included) per person. If you wish this course to be taught at your office location, please contact me for logistics, details, and pricing.

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“He [Gary] created to expand my center of influence within Linkedin…”

pambyrdGary brings such a wealth of knowledge to the UNIVERSE with his ability to connect and educate. His vast expertise and wisdom in the area of making others marketable is truly a gift! After completing a 4 part series that he created to expand my center of influence within Linkedin, I am FINALLY positioned to let the world know just how awesome I am in helping them. This would have been a really big secret, had I not had the pleasure of incorporating the recommendations that Gary has provided to me…and many others. GARY HYMAN, You are AMAZING! Thank you for all that you do.

Pamela Byrd. Byrd’s Eye View, Wilderness Journeys 


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