How To Plan And Deliver A Global Social Media Deployment

global social media best practicesFisher Laishram of Sprinklr says: “No crystal ball is needed to see the future of social media. Metcalfe’s Law tells us that with each connection, the value of our network increases. This is an immutable fact of the future, but it is also a challenge. As the network grows, so will its power to amplify the speed and scale of any message — good or bad.”

This is not a post on How To setup a Facebook Business Page or How to optimize your Twitter profile. It is a lot deeper and broader than that. This post contains valuable information on the correct way to deploy a global social media initiative.

The following graphic represent an overview of the 5 key components to any large scale social media deployment. You can also use the Complete Framework as an aid to your Social Media Strategy deployment.

Following this is a detailed presentation, which contains the important perspectives of 30 of the best minds in social media and what they think large brands must do to succeed in being social to scale.  A long but excellent read for any anyone building social media organizations.

The 5 Keys To A Large Global Social Media Deployment

In order to scale any large social media brand there needs to be a well thought out plan.The following diagram lists out the 5 key components that you should consider for a global social media deployment.


Social Media & How To Do It



The 30 Best Minds – Global Social Media

You’re going to find out the details from 30 exceptionally bright social media individuals on how to deploy a global social media initiative.

Original reference on slideshare

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