5 Practical Steps:How To Build Your Personal Brand Online

Your Personal Brand is an important stepping stone to the success of your online business

Without a well defined Personal Brand, you will, more than likely, find it exceptionally difficult to articulate your unique product and service value to your audience. If you cannot articulate this value, they will go where they can find the value.

Audience gone! Customer lost!

How to build your Personal Brand online is not as difficult as it seems. I’ll show you how to do this through a practical and sensible 5 step process, but first… 

How To Build Your Personal Brand Online - stand out

Selling Without Value

Imagine putting your house up for sale, and you need to select a Realtor to help you through the sales process.

Off you go to visit (the hypothetical) Realtor Avenue, where the dozens of Realtors are located. All Realtors are housed in similar office space, have similar signs, similar decorations, dress in a similar way, have a similar sales message, have similar experice, and charge similar rates – no differentiators. Nothing unique! No unique value! Just similar! The same!

Which Realtor would you select?

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing compelling to select one over-the-other.

On the flip side, imagine Realtor Avenue, filled with Realtors who each have something unique and valuable to offer.

One Realtor may include “Home Staging” in their services. Another may offer “To purchase your house if not sold within 30 days”. Perhaps another may provide “The lowest interest rates for the buyers of your home”.

If you’re like me, you would probably select the Realtor who you perceive offers the best value for you.

I like the value of the low interest rate. How about you?

Build Your Personal Brand Online

Your personal brand belongs to you; No one can take it away from you ~Gary Hyman [Click To Tweet This icon_twitter_circle_small ]

So how do you construct your personal brand?

First of all, a Personal Brand is personal. It must represent YOU. Don’t copy anyone else. You are unique. Let your brand be YOU.

Building a Personal Brand is not as difficult as it seems. From a high level, the following should get your Personal Brand heading in the right direction.

Step 1: Get familiar with the various definitions and explanations of Personal Branding. It’s always good practice to understand the different perspectives before you start defining your personal brand.

Here’s 12 Industry Professionals, who give their unique perspectives on Personal Branding.

Although each of these experts have different opinions, take note of the commonality.
  • Tom Peters, the individual who coined the term “Personal Branding”, with a strong emphasis on the “YOU BRAND”. 
  • Seth Godin, refers to a brand from a customer perspective: The “expectations, memories, stories, and relationships” that YOU leave with your CUSTOMER. 
  • Mark Traphagen, comes from a perspective that your brand is all about the AUTHORITY CALLED YOU. In a recent Google Post Mark added: “…your brand is the name people mention first when they think about your industry”. 
  • Richard Bolles, the author of “What Color is Your Parachute“, is all about being UNIQUE.
  • Dan Schawbel, eludes to a “ONE OF A KIND” brand, which makes the competition irrelevant. 
  • JW Dicks, says a brand is about the YOU VALUE – the value you provide to YOUR customer.
  • Krista Neher perspective on a brand is to build your credibility by delivering YOUR expertise through the things you own – your skills and passions. 
  • Gary Vaynerchuk, just like Krista, he tends to label a brand as the skills and passions YOU USE to get the job done with transparency.
  • Kim Garst. The keywords that she uses to label a personal brand – audience needs, authenticity, expert, and your uniqueness (i.e. your niche)
Perhaps you can create your unique definition of a Personal Brand. Keep in mind, a Personal Brand is not only about you. It includes your target audience too. Without them, your brand would be irrelevant.
Step 2: Next, its important to understand the intersection of your
  • expertise,
  • what you enjoy doing and,
  • how you can help your audience.

Each of these elements gives you the credibility, confidence, and authority to start carving out a niche for yourself.

Step 3: Extract your uniqueness, and differentiate your brand from everyone else.

What 3 words describe your Personal Brand?

What makes your Personal Brand unique?

Step 4: Develop your services around your audience wants and desires. Look for the areas that are causing them immediate pain and make sure your services resolve those exact issues.

What does your audience need help with?

Step 5: Be unique. Offer and promise value.

Here’s 7 more great opinions that should help you with your Personal Brand. 


Notice the common denominator – Be Unique. Offer Value.

Wrap Up

By now you should be able to tell the importance of your Personal Brand. Its one of those pieces, necessary building blocks to build a solid online business. It gives purpose, direction, and meaning to you and your business.

Even though there are many definitions and explanations of Personal Branding, it comes down to “The Unique Value that you can deliver to your audience”.

Ready to jump into an easy-to-understand 6 step marketing process? It will give you the details on How To Build Your Personal Brand correctly. 

We would love to here more about your Personal Brand. Let us know what’s the unique value behind your Personal Brand? Give us 3 words that define your personal brand?



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2 Responses to “5 Practical Steps:How To Build Your Personal Brand Online”

  • Danielle Louise Ross on August 8, 2014

    Three words that describe my personal brand are: Energizing, inspiring, and fun. The ultimate result I give my clients is more ideal clients (and income), but my brand is the way I deliver that value to my clients.

    I love positioning myself this way because it highlights my best attributes, leverages my professional skills, and allows me to help my clients with an area that can feel dry, boring, and overwhelming. I know I’ve read those (stale) books and attended those (serious) workshops, and I vowed to help educate and empower others about marketing in a way that felt simple, fun, and could inspire them to action!

    Great blog, Gary! Thank you for talking about branding in a way that is very accessible, and pulling together such a variety of perspectives on the subject.

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