Connecting The Important Dots Between Your Ideal Client And Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content MArketing IDeal Client

How have you defined your target market? 

Does it look something like:

“All females between 35-45 years old?”

Perhaps you’ve narrowed that down to “all females between 35-45, who like to travel?” 

Or maybe “its males between 45-55 years old, who like photography? “

Neither of those are going to work. It’s just way too broad of a definition.

Think about it…

Your trying to appeal to a large, diversified group of people. Most of them will have no interest in your message. Others may be confused, and at worst case, you don’t get heard by the audience that you can really help.

On the flip side, you’ll have a better chance of business success if you slim down your audience, determine your ideal customer, and give them the exact marketing message that they want to hear. 

When you are specific about your target customer, the essentials of your online business (your content marketing strategy, social media strategy, product development, product and promotions ) will fall into place a lot easier, than if you are not specific. 

Here’s a few tips on how to define your ideal client, but first lets imagine…

Ocean, Lake Or Pond?

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. Michael LeBoeuf

Pick a number that’s easy to visualize – say 320 million – the approximate population of the USA.

Now imagine 320 million fish (not American’s. Not people) swimming in the Atlantic Ocean – about 41 million square miles. That’s roughly 8 fish per square mile. 

Then imagine the same 320 million fish, in the waters of Lake Superior instead. That’s more than 1,000 fish per square mile.

1000 fish per sq mile vs 8 fish per sq mile

With all things being equal, and you needed to fish for survival, I bet you would opt to fish in Lake Superior. 

It’s really a no brainier…

More fish per square mile, statistically yields more fish caught in less time. 

Take this imagination game a step further – big fat juicy worms as your bait of choice.

I believe those worms, dangling at the end of the fishing line, would probably attract your Lake Superior survival food quickly and easily. The fish in the Atlantic probably wouldn’t even catch the scent of the worms.

So, what’s fishing got to do with Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing and your online business?

Nothing and everything!

Nothing, because it’s just an analogy.

Everything, because it’s a metaphor – a metaphor for your ideal client.

Remember, the broad definition of “All females between 35-45 years old?”

The Ideal Client  Or Everyone

I like my customer to be fierce. Christian Louboutin 

I used to believe in big ocean fishing, but I actually spent more time fishing than signing on new customers. 

My potential customers used to be EVERYONE – everyone in the ocean.

It was meeting after meeting, discussion after discussion, rejection after rejection. Just a lot of non productive time.

Now, I fish only small, densely filled ponds. I help an audience who I can help, and that wants to be helped.  There are fewer meetings, less time wasted, and happiness.  

It comes down to serving an audience that is narrowly defined – an ideal audience.

Here’s a great interview between Marie Forleo and Ramit Sethi. It should give you a snippet into Ramit’s world of success. Notice the essence of their discussions…

“Specific. Exact. Ideal market.”

Who are you targeting? Don’t try to appeal to everyone. It’s a big mistake.

Appeal to a specific group of people instead. Get really specific!

Finding your ideal client is good for you, your business, and your ideal client too:

  • more profitable.
  • less wasted time
  • more enjoyment
  • less distractions
  • more satisfaction
  • more meaningful

I’m sure you get the ideal, and can probably add a few more to this list. 

5 Steps To The Ideal Client Profile

Exceed your customers expectation by knowing their expectations. Gary Hyman

So, how do you get your ideal client?

Define them!

Establish your personal and business purpose, and work towards defining EXACTLY WHO you want to serve – who you want to help. Be specific.

  • Who are your best customers – previous and current? Sometimes your best customer may be you. What issue Define Your Ideal Client Content Marketingare you trying to solve for them?
  • What makes your best customer a best customer? Why are they great? Why do you enjoy working with them? Why do they enjoy working with you?
  • Exactly, what products and services are they consuming from you? What is the value that is being delivered to them? What are the end results that your products and services create? What is the trigger event that causes them to purchase from you?
  • Drill down into their business demographics. How many employees do they have? What is their estimated revenue? What industry do they represent? Are they B2B or B2C? Where and how many locations do they have? What is their title or job function? Who are their customers?
  • Don’t stop there.  Dig into their psychographic details.
  • Then figure out who your ideal market is NOT.

Sharon Gilmour-Glover and Geoff Reiner say it so eloquently- WHY and HOW you need to define your ideal client.

Your perfect client has:

  • specific characteristics,
  • specific their emotional triggers
  •  hang out in specific locations 

Knowing this, you’re in a perfect position to construct the perfect marketing message, from which your Content Marketing, Social Media and Blogging Strategies will follow.

Your content will end up speaking directly to them in their language, and they will be able to easily identify with your solutions. 

Be specific! Be focused!

Where Would You Like To Fish?

I dress women the way I see them and the way I envision them from day one, thus my customer knows that what she is looking for she will get. Rachel Roy 

The long road is defining EVERYONE as your audience OR not defining your market at all.

It becomes a much easier, profitable , and a more enjoyable experience when:

  • you know exactly what your customer wants
  • you know exactly who they are
  • they know exactly how you can help them
  • you know exactly where they hang out
  • you know who your customer is NOT

Defining your ideal client is the foundation of creating a solid relationship. It’s that relationship that allows you to develop a meaningful and sensible Content Marketing Strategy – a Content Marketing Strategy that talks directly to your ideal customer.

If there are any excellent methods that you use to define your ideal client, please share them with the community.

If you found this article helpful please share it with those in your pond.

Image: Sharon K. Shubert


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8 Responses to “Connecting The Important Dots Between Your Ideal Client And Your Content Marketing Strategy”

  • Kumar Gauraw on December 3, 2013

    Hi Gary,

    What an exceptional post! Thank you for sharing that video of Marie with Ramit. I had seen it and it is always a fun watching Marie’s enthusiasm about everything she does!

    I remember attending a training seminar on sales a couple of years ago by the author of the book, “Selling Naked On Phone”, Joe Picci. He spoke about 40 minutes on target marketing and he specifically spoke about how to take one product and market to a specific market. Although he demonstrated how he could sell it to any industry with difference in the approach, he did say, we must find our own niche and stay in there.

    Your post reminded me of the training and obviously, it is a great reminder. Thank you for sharing!

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted…12 Powerful And Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

  • Gary Hyman on December 3, 2013

    I love Marie’s enthusiasm too Kumar. For sure – niche it down, define your market & stay there. You can always branch out & expand later. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.
    Gary Hyman recently posted…How To Incorporate Content Curation into Your Content Marketing Strategy

  • Designer Rob Russo on December 3, 2013

    Excellent post, Gary! Very thorough and you’ve got me thinking again. I’ve continued to narrow my target and niche down a bit, but I know I need to tighten up and focus even finer.

    It’s a big ocean out there, for sure.
    Designer Rob Russo recently posted…Google Plus Update: Cover Photo Size Change, Template

  • Geoff Reiner on December 4, 2013

    Hey Gary,

    Thanks for the mention!

    When we become consciously aware of exactly who we are looking to attract, we become more successful at growing our business. But more importantly, we grow our business with clients that want us to be successful. And when everyone in our business ecosystem (clients, suppliers, employees) becomes aware of our ideal clients, these advocates become our sales force.

    Great post and I’m happy to see such alignment in thinking styles!

    Keep in touch!
    Geoff Reiner recently posted…Ideal Client Persona… Why?

  • Gilbert Samuel on December 9, 2013

    Hi Gary,

    I agree with Rob, I’m on his side. It’s really going to workout if you become an expert in a specific niche as it’ll make you an influencer in that particular niche.

    Great post you got here, hope you’re having a wonderful week.
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…Blog Engage – An Outstanding Blogging Community

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