Client Kudos

I strive for 100% client satisfaction. Anything less than that and I am not satisfied. I promise the same for you – that is, 100% satisfaction.

The growing list of companies I have worked with, and what they have to say…

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“Your course, experience, knowledge, expertise saved me 30 years.”

social media visionaries - cs“The best teacher in the world is Other Peoples Experience. So coming from someone like you [Gary], who’s been in this business for over 30 years, it is the cheapest investment, in my humble opinion, that you can make, because  it’s not just the course you’re bringing, it’s all of your experience, all of your knowledge, all of your expertise…is priceless. It saved me 30 years.”

Charlyn Shelton
SociamediaVisionaries TV



“His presentation was informative and enlightening”

MS“I recently sat under Gary Hyman’s tutelage while attending a Social Media Ventures summit. Using his own experience as lessons and providing an easy-to-understand methodology, Gary transformed my understanding of Twitter. His presentation was informative and enlightening; I found myself experiencing a number of “aha!” moments I might never have arrived upon had I continued along my own path. Quality content – well received and highly recommended – for those desiring to know the why’s rather than just the how’s of social media. “

Maura Sweeney
New Vision Entertainment LLC



“There is no way I would be at this point without [Gary’s] coaching, input, direction…”

mark affleck“Less than 90 days ago I had a dream to launch my own company on the internet.  But that’s all I had.  I was at ground zero. Then I hired Gary Hyman and great things started to happen immediately.  Through his wise coaching and strategic acumen, I have now developed my brand, strategy, website, blog, and presence on the primary social networks. There is no way I would be at this point without his coaching, input, direction, and coaching.  Thanks, Gary!”  

Mark Affleck
Yellowchair Strategy



“Gary I appreciate your help with my companies Social Media challenges.”

glenn baja“Gary I appreciate your help with my companies Social Media challenges. Your systems and assistance has made this part of the business so much easier to understand, build upon and create.  Thank you so much for your talent, helpfulness and attention.”


Glenn Baja
Thrive After 50



“Gary has extensive knowledge, high standards and integrity.”

cathyb“Gary is “THE” expert for the latest strategies in social media that will bring you results.  Gary has extensive knowledge, high standards and integrity.  In a business where many claim to be the expert Gary is the real deal.  I highly recommend Gary” Cathy Black, CPCC Certified Life Coach & Entrepreneur

Cathy Black, CPCC Certified  
FMNN Power



“You’re able to take your worksheets and actually apply them”

social media strategy consultant - mg“The course worksheets are absolutely fantastic. You’re able to take your worksheets an actually apply them, and give people action steps they can take in building their business.”

Michelle Glover, PhD
GSK Pharmaceuticals, BWE  



“Your course is a must for anyone wanting to build a solid online business.”

kathy profile pic“I have been at internet marketing for quite awhile but with lackluster results. There was a piece missing – the branding – that cohesive message of who am I and what I do. I decided to take Gary’s course and start from scratch with the skills and talents assessments and work methodically through the course with a blank slate and new eyes. I realized that in order to communicate my message to my peeps authentically, I have to know what that branding message is because it is the very heart and foundation of every action that follows. Often in the rush to get to market and be online we skip over the fundamentals which is akin to building your business on sand. Your course is a must for anyone wanting to build a solid online business. I wish I had done it right the first time.” 

Kathy Kirk, M. Sc.
Applied Spirituality



“Gary’s ‘selective automation’ methods are brilliant “

russwasendorf“Social Media automation is now a necessity. You can no longer afford not to automate. Gary’s ‘selective automation’ methods are brilliant and worth their  weight in gold. They clearly show that you can save a lot of valuable time on Social Media and using the saved time to generate more business.”

Russ Wasendorf Jr
Complete Developer LLC



“His vast expertise and wisdom in the area of making others marketable is truly a gift”

pambyrd“Gary brings such a wealth of knowledge to the UNIVERSE with his ability to connect and educate. His vast expertise and wisdom in the area of making others marketable is truly a gift! After completing a 4 part series that he created to expand my center of influence within Linkedin, I am FINALLY positioned to let the world know just how awesome I am in helping them. This would have been a really big secret, had I not had the pleasure of incorporating the recommendations that Gary has provided to me…and many others. GARY HYMAN, You are AMAZING! Thank you for all that you do!”

Pamela Byrd
Byrd’s Eye View



It was helpful…like the SEO stuff 

social media strategy consultant - km“Gary Thanks for the fan page step by step resource! It was helpful at identifying a few things I had not done when I originally set up my page (like the SEO stuff of making sure my web url was everywhere and changing my page name to include my keywords). Thanks again for all your insight!”

Kerri Miller
Finishing Touches


“Thanks to Gary‘s technical, marketing and leadership expertise we don’t have to worry about our Internet Marketing and Social Media Technologies anymore. He is dependable, patient, easy to work with and understands his domain very well.  I highly recommend his services to any company that values quality work and dependability”.  Loryn Menzies, Maurstan Investments.

“Gary, is an experienced and innovative IT professional, a motivated, competent problem solver, with excellent communication skills. He has a great ability to cut through technical jargon to ensure realistic estimates/timelines are achieved, with an excellent track record of completing projects, on time and on budget. We want you to know how pleased we are with the outstanding service you have given us. For seven years you have faithfully delivered top quality professional service, It’s a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency.” Armand Javdan, DNX Enterprises Inc.

“Gary has been servicing our clients in the technical and Internet areas for over 8 years.  We are extremely happy with his services and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.  He always goes the extra mile to ensure that our clients are satisfied.   I have know Gary for more than 15 years and can attest to his professionalism and integrity.” Bill Lee, Account Pro.

“Gary’s exceptional attention to detail and foresight accelerates the productivity of all around him. It is always a pleasure putting together a project when you have an experienced counterpart, but when that individual also contributes valuable insights in the way Gary does, we all come out ahead.” Jonathan Corners, iCatchIT

“Gary would be an asset to any organization would be fortunate to hire Gary Gary is a professional in every sense of the word. He is there for you and you can depend on him and trust him.” BettyLou Nelson, Dating For Senior Women.

“Gary is cream of the crop. Personally, his greatest selling features are that of a loving & attentive husband, doting father, and caring community leader. These genuine characteristics is what you want behind anyone you do business with. Professionally, his resume clearly identifies his experience and speaks for itself. He knows what he’s doing you. The combination of technological expertise + his patience and coaching in this arena, is priceless.” Andrea Nadon, PeopleInParadise

“Gary is an Internet expert who makes everything easy to understand, and he sticks with you until you do understand. I have learned many valuable web marketing tips from Gary and enjoyed myself doing so! I recommend Gary for any web consulting needs, whether you are a newbie to the Net or an expert yourself, Gary has something valuable to teach you.” Rhonda Uretzky, Riverflow Hot Yoga.

“Gary has been invaluable in helping me put together my first web site, and as I am not very inexperienced with computers, his knowledge of the subject, and patience with my lack of experience, has been a real plus. Every step of the way, he walks me thru what I’ll need to do to post the content, and grow the site. I can’t imagine how this project would be working out without his expertise, patience, and guidance.” Steve Moses, Your Options Coach.

“Gary has been amazing. The world of computers can be complicated. Gary has made getting my site set up smooth and easy. He has shown me easy ways to do tasks on my own and is very patient in explaining how to do them. Gary is also very fast. Updates and changes have been well done and quick. Thank you Gary for making this a great experience!”  Gail Haynes, Author The Lemonade Stand Millionaire


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