How to PLAN and SCHEDULE a Google Plus Hangout On Air the Easy Way

Google Plus Hangouts are fantastic to help your audience learn, manage client relationships, and just about anything else that is enhanced with face-to-face communications. But you have to do them correctly. My first Google Plus Hangout On Air turned into a G...

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Google Hangout Events: Do I Need a Google Account?

Google Hangout Events are becoming the norm. They’re great for client meetings, education sessions, seminars, product demonstration, etc. Once you get used to them there’s no turning back. During a recent Hangout event that hosted, I was asked the ...

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How To Create A Non Streaming Video Hangout On Google+

Google has revamped its entire G+ user interface. In my opinion the change is for the better, but the revamp has changed how hangout’s work – where to find them, how to launch them, and how to use them.  Firstly, there are two different flavors of...

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Video Marketing: How I Got 189,286 Views On A Single Youtube Video

One of the biggest challenges for Video Marketing that you’ll probably face is how to get the gazillion video views. Remember, views lead to engagement and engagement to business. Without those views your online video marketing efforts will be for naught. Ok...

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