Blog Guidelines

Thanks for your guest blogging interest.  I totally appreciate the time and energy that you will put towards creating blog posts for the community.

My Objective

You may already know, my objective is to help my audience GET THEIR DREAMS ONLINE, QUICKLY AND EASILY. This is partially done by producing content in the following areas:

  • Personal Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Information Product Creation
  • List Building
  • Social Media and Blog Engagement
  • Paid Promotions and Advertising
  • Online Time Management
  • Measurements, Performance and Metrics

Your Voice

You may infuse your conversational voice into your content, but keep in mind it should not be distracting and must add value to actual content.

Content Length

There is no such thing as an article that is too short or too long. The perfect length of your article should be as long as it should be to get your point across to the audience, in an easily understandable way.

Article Editing

After you submit an article I’ll edit edit for typos and grammatical errors. If I make major changes to the article I will let you know before it gets published.

Article Promotion

I will promote your article on all my social media accounts, and my email list. You are encouraged to do the same.

Content  Submission

Before you submit your content please make sure your content:

  • Is not promotional.
  • Adds value and is relevant.
  • Is unique and has not been published elsewhere.
  • All images you use are copyright and royalty free. 
  • Includes at least 1 horizontal image, placed at the top of the article. The image should be at least 650px wide.

Your userid and password will be emailed to you after you complete and submit the form below.

To create your article please login to my blog site with your userid and password. 

Thanks again for becoming a guest blogger. If you have any questions please contact me

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