Social Media Strategies For Business Professionals

Helping you, the Business Professional, make your Online Business a reality with Social Media Strategies and Techniques that work.

My name is Gary Hyman. I have helped many clients, just like you, in business, technology, and marketing for 30+ years; And I’ve always made sure they get what they need to run a successful business.

Depending on your situation, I will help you:

  • build an Online Business that is based on your skills and what you enjoy doing
  • develop your Online Business and Social Media Strategy
  • drive your ‘ideal audience’ traffic from your Social Media channels to your blogsite
  • increase your customer email list signups
  • automate your Online Marketing efforts
  • build and launch your information based products
  • promote your products and services on the major Social Media Networks and Online platforms

…cost effectively, diligently, and with consequence.

I’m a Coach, Strategist, Technology Freak, and will do whatever it takes to help you build a successful Online and Social Media presence.

Social Media Strategies Mark Affleck“Less than 90 days ago I had a dream to launch my own company on the internet.  But that’s all I had.  I was at ground zero. Then I hired Gary Hyman and great things started to happen immediately.  Through his wise coaching and strategic acumen, I have now developed my brand, strategy, website, blog, and presence on the primary social networks. There is no way I would be at this point without his coaching, input, direction, and coaching.  Thanks, Gary!”  

Mark Affleck, CEO, Yellowchair Strategy

Do it right the first time, and you won’t have to redo it…

  • Step 1: The ultimate starting point for any online business is contained within this free course – delivered online, over 30 days – How To Build Your Online Business Foundation In 6 Proven Steps.
  • Step 2: Once your foundation is set correctly, I highly recommend these 3 strategies – Social Media Find Me Strategy, Social Media Sales Funnel Strategy and Product Funnel Strategy. These 3 critical strategies are covered in another free 4 video series that I release periodically. The 4th video gives you the information on how to proceed with building your online business core, covering topics such as: Personal Branding, Your Unique Value Proposition, Your Target Market, Market Validation, Positioning and Packaging for your online business. This series definitely needs to be part of your watch list.

Even if you have an online presence, these 3 critical strategies in the 4 part video series, will give you the pieces that you may have overlooked or need as a refresher.

Remember, keep it simple – a purpose, a strategy, education, and execution.

I Help. I understand. Social Media Strategy 

The main reasons why my clients allow me to coach them:

  • integrity
  • help them achieve real results
  • have lots of real online (since ’94) and offline (since ’84) business experience
  • practical, methodical, logical, patient
  • plus, I’m just a nice guy :)

Every little detail you need to know about me – Gary Hyman’s humble story. You’ll need a few minutes for this!

…More Of My Amazing Clients And What They Say About Me

kathy kirk List Building Strategies“Gary Hyman is the perfect ‘left brain’ to my ‘right brain’. In the past I viewed social media as a thorn that I needed to incorporate into my business, but still I resisted. Gary brings heart, authenticity and sincerity to social media in a way that appeals to me and feels correct for Applied Spirituality. It’s a great plus that he’s kind, patient and thoroughly adept at all the platforms and how they inter-relate. I appreciate Gary’s work immensely and it has supported the mission of Applied Spirituality hugely. Thanks Gary!”  

Kathy Kirk, Applied Spirituality

glenn baja personal branding“Gary is “THE” expert for the latest strategies in social media that will bring you results.  Gary has extensive knowledge, high standards and integrity.  In a business where many claim to be the expert Gary is the real deal.  I highly recommend Gary” 


Glenn Baja, CEO Thrive After Fifty.

 …and, if you’re interested here’s a bunch more client testimonials.  

Find The Blog Article That Will Help

If you’re not quite ready for the online courses, my site is filled with helpful information – all supporting you helping you navigate the complexities of the Internet.

I try publish articles on a bi-weekly basis, and have conveniently categorized the articles into section: Personal Branding, Content Marketing Strategies, Social Media Strategies, Web Traffic and List Building, Return on Investment, and Measurement and Analytics.

If your interest is a specific social media platform, you’ll find that too: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here To Help You – And Totally Accessible 

Any and all questions are welcome. You can reach me here, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest

All the best.

Gary Hyman.



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